Instruments For Sale!

Inverness Fiddlers occasionally hear of quality instruments for sale. When we do, we will list them below for perusal;


It’s an age thing.  You realise that you can, after all, have too many fiddles, and that they should be out there being played.

They include some made by me over a number of years at the class at Moray College, under the strict supervision of expert makers. It’s difficult to price these, but I know the cost of materials and fittings and that each one is the result of many hours’ work. I’m very happy to let you take them home to try.

Hand made fiddle by D Johnstone 1904.  I don’t know anything about this maker, but the fiddle has a clear even tone.  Helen bought it for me about 40 years ago when I got interested in fiddle music, and I used it happily until I started making fiddles.  Suggested price £200.

My No. 1/2000 – my very first, made on a Strad model over a couple of years under close supervision, nice tone - £400.

My No. 8/2008 – slightly deeper body, robust tone - £400.

My No. 10/2012 – mellow tone - £400.

If you know of anyone who might be interested, please give me a ring.

Eric Allan:  01463 717811, eric@heallan.com