Rally 19'
A big thank you for having the Orkney West Mainland Strathspey and Reel at your annual Rally. Had an fantastic time and we will see you again.

All the best!
Posted by Gina Berston on 17 February 2019
Glad you enjoyed yourselves, and many thanks for coming. See you in 2020!
Posted by Dave Greer on 18 February 2019
Thank you Inverness
A big THANK YOU to you all, dancers and fiddlers from Assa (one of the RSCDS branchmembers in Gothenburg, Sweden)for one unforgettable time in Inverness!
Posted by Ann-Christin Zuckerman-Hellberg on 27 July 2014
Hallo fiddlers !

Have heard that you are
coming to Sweden in october!
Look forward to meet you!
Saw you in Hällesåker
many years ago!
I play accordion.
If you want you can listen
to some of my music on

Friendly / Alf Eriksson
Posted by Alf Eriksson on 02 October 2010
Hello Alf,

Thanks for your kind message. The Inverness Fiddlers are looking forward to their fast approaching trip to Sweden. We will indeed have a listen to some of your music as you suggest in the meantime.


Posted by Dave Greer on 02 October 2010
Visiting Gothenburg
Hope we will meet in some way, when you visit Gothenburg, Greating from RSCDS Gothenburg Branch
Håkan Stackling
Posted by Håkan Stackling on 13 September 2010
Thanks for your message. The Inverness Fiddlers' plans for visiting Sweden are well advanced and they are looking forward to playing there once again.


Posted by Dave Greer on 02 October 2010
Inverness, California
Good day to all of you! I was browsing for Scottish traditional music as my loving father, Loren Douglas passed away this past August at 95 years... and our home for nearly 35 years has been in Inverness, California. As his daughter and raised with strong Scottish tradition, Inverness has been a part of my heritage for many years and I wanted to let you know that you have reached the other side of the world with your grand music. My dream is to some day visit the home of my ancestors. My father dedicated his life to music and teaching music. I myself play the violin and piano and sing. Much good fortune to you all. As the Scottish are strong and send their message through silent joy...with my father in mind and heart someday I will be able to hear you perform in person.

With loving gratitude,
Ruthie Douglas
Douglas Clan in Marin County
Posted by Ruthie Douglas on 18 April 2010
Hello Ruthie,

Very pleased to get your email. If you ever decide to visit the land of your forefathers, be sure to let us know. Please note that the Inverness Fiddlers have a break in July and August, but we play most other times of the year. I don't suppose you would be likely to be over here at the end of February, but that is when we have our annual rally.

Posted by Simon Gunn on 01 June 2010
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