Player information

Information for Players attending our Annual Rally on 25th February 2023 is available below for access and download as required, including Music Sets. Sets annotated with Chords for those Players requiring same will be added soon. If you are an individual player interested in joining us on stage for the Rally, then please contact the Rally Secretary via invfiddlersrally@outlook.com

Download Rally Concert and Practice Information

Download Rally 2023 Player Invitation

Download Rally 2023 Poster

Download Rally Dress Code

Links to Rally 2023 Music; 

Download Rally 2023 Programme

Download Rally 2023 Playing Instructions

Download Updated Loch Ruan
Download Updated Lady Mary Ramsay
Download Updated Leaving Lerwick Harbour
Download Updated The Sailor's Wife
Download Updated New Island Waltz
Download Updated Scott Skinner Classics
Download Updated Margaret's Hundredth
Download Updated Dr James Donaldson
Download Updated Dr Bob Smith
Download Updated Bodaich Bheag Abriatheachain
Download Updated The Falls of Lora Set
Download Updated Ashokan Farewell
Download Updated Farewell to the Creeks
Download Updated Mrs Oswald of Auchincruive Set 
Download Updated Knockdhu Reel Set
Download Updated Wee Tod



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