Player information

Information for Players attending our Annual Rally on 14th May 2022 available below for access and download as required, including Music Sets plus Sets annotated with Chords for those Players requiring same.

Link to Download Rally 2022 Visiting Player Invitation

Link to Rally 2022 Music Programme

Link to Rally 2022 Music Instructions

Link to Rally 2022 Dress Code

Link to Rally 2022 Promotional Flyer

Link to Visiting Player Concert Information Letter

Link to Rally Day Player Notes

Links to Rally 2022 Music below; 

Hunter's Hill Set
My Home Town
Lockdown Jigs
Memories of Natalie
Pipe Major George Ross
Leaving Friday Harbor
St Anne's Reel
Annie's Waltz
Doddie's Dream
Miss Janet of Perth
Cpt. Archibald Leslie
The Westcoaster
Maureen's Jig
The Man from Skye
Inspector Donald Campbell of Ness
The Shores of Loch Bee
John Keith Laing
Lord Dunmore's Jig

Links to Rally 2022 Music with Chords below;

Hunter's Hill Set Chords
My Home Town Set Chords
Lockdown Jigs Set Chords
Memories of Natalie Set Chords
Pipe Major George Ross Set Chords
Leaving Friday Harbor Chords
St Anne's Reel Set Chords
Annie's Waltz Chords
Doddie's Dream Chords
Miss Janet of Perth Set Chords
Cpt. Archibald Leslie Set Chords
The Westcoaster Set Chords
Maureen's Jig Set Chords
The Man from Skye Set Chords
Inspector Donald Campbell of Ness Set Chords
The Shores of Loch Bee Set Chords
John Keith Laing Set Chords
Lord Dunmore's Jig Set Chords

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